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I'm Melanie Appleyard. I'm a Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Wellbeing Facilitator, who offers coaching, meditation and holistic therapies for the whole family, including your pets. 

I am a huge animal lover, who is passionate about improving mental health and emotional well-being, which I believe are the keys to good health and happiness. Explore my website to find out how I can help you and your family reduce stress and dis-ease, feel calmer, happier, healthier and more confident.

Check out my services to see how I can help you and your family (including your furry friends) improve your lives, address emotional imbalances and improve your relationships.

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Learning From Animals

Check out my  unique mindset tools for busy parents, who desire a happy, confident and successful life for themselves and their children.

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Pure Hearts Healing

Holistic Therapies, classes and courses to help you access inner peace and wellbeing


Tel: 07891 394602

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