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My Favourite Spiritual Tools and Resources

People often ask me what tools and resources I use or work with when working with angels.To make it easier for everyone to find them, I created this page, where I've collated the resources, alongside quick links to access them.


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This is one of the most comprehensive reference books on angels that you will come across. The author has documented 16 years of research to create this dictionary of angels, which holds a wealth of information. It's not a book that I could easily pick up and just read, but it's a great reference book, much like any dictionary or encyclopedia would be.

This is a lovely, easy-to-read, yet comprehensive book about angels and how to work with them. Lots of lovely images too. 
I've only been able to find used copies of this online, so haven't provided a link, but it's definitely one to get your hands on if you can. 



Not only does Kyle Gray give you lots of fascinating information about the Ascended Masters and their work, but he also gives you some background information about the documented history and sources of information around them, which is really helpful if you want to dig deeper and do some more of your own research.  

Guidance from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul played a huge part in the creation of Angelic Reiki. Many of the esoteric healing and wisdom of this Tibetan Monk were channeled through Alice Bailey and have their place in the development of Angelic Reiki. 


This book was written by one of the founders of the complete system of Angelic Reiki. It gives lots of information about the background and underlying principles of Angelic Reiki and is recommended reading for those who wish to train in Angelic Reiki. 


Michael Hammers music is played at the perfect frequency for Angelic Reiki therapy and attunements. 
Gifts of the Archangels is the recommended music to be played during Angelic Reiki healing sessions.


Card Decks


This is my favourite tarot deck, which I connected with the energy of straight away.
The angel tarot cards are beautiful to look at, and therefore less daunting than traditional Ryder Waite decks. The lovely imagery contains lots to draw your attention to support you in your readings
I also have a soft spot for these cards, as they were the cards I learned to read tarot with and an old faithful that I still frequently use now. 

These oracle cards are a great tool to use if you wish to work more closely with the Ascended Masters. 
Not only will you gain some amazing guidance from these wonderful teachers, but the cards and accompanying book are a great introduction to who the different Masters are. 


These cards are more Shamanic in nature than the previous deck, but as someone who loves to work with the energy of animals this is another firm favourite of mine. 

Other Tools

When teaching workshops and doing treatments an alter is a great place to display your spiritual tools, which look pleasing to the eye and really add to the energy of the room and your work. Here is an example of mine to give you an idea of what you could display. 

3&4 workshop alter.jpg
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