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Keep Moving Forward With The Elephant

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Keep Moving Forward

Elephants are gentle, strong and intelligent creatures. They have a strong sense of community and love and will work together to support members of their herd who find themselves in trouble. Elephants also clear paths and dig for water with their tusks for them and other animals in their environment to access. Elephants are able to plough through barriers to keep moving forward, removing blocks that are in their way.

The lesson we can learn from the elephant is to help others and move forward with love and compassion. Remember to extend this love and compassion to yourself too and allow yourself to follow your own goals and ambitions.

How might we block ourselves?

Block Number One – Fear

One of the biggest blocks that people face is fear. “What if people don’t like me?” “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if I can’t do it?” “What if…?”

Believe me… I totally get it. This same fear has dogged me for several years and these blogs would have been out there much sooner had I not talked myself out of allowing myself to become visible in the public eye.

The truth is that in most cases these fears are totally construed by yourself, a part of you that wants to protect yourself. In reality, they are not as scary as you think. Let’s look at some of these one at a time.

–       Maybe some people won’t like you. Does it really matter? There will be many people who really will like you. Everyone is different and have different tastes and interests. Aligning yourself with people who share your interests- finding your community will make you much stronger.

–       Maybe your plans won’t work, but you’ll experience trying and learn so much on your journey. Nobody learnt anything new by just doing what they know. The chances are your failures will guide you on the road to success, with each lesson guiding your path. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs failed massively, before making it big.

–        How will you know you can’t do something unless you try? Learning your strengths and weakness will help you to hone your strengths and again be guided on the road to success.

Block Number 2: Confidence

Often when we have an idea or a goal it is natural to want to share these ideas with other people. Whilst this is great when you are surrounded by encouraging people who understand what you are trying to do, but is it likely to put you off if just one person doesn’t like your idea?

Sometimes, when we lack confidence we assume an over-reliance on the opinions of others. Often the people you ask aren’t more knowledgeable than you, they are just more confident to give their own views, without worrying about others disagreeing with them.

In reality where is the real harm in trying? One step at a time remember. You’ll never know unless you give it a go.

Block number 3: Lack of Time and Resources

This is where your work really begins. If you want to make something happen, you have to get out there and do it right?

There are obviously two key things to investigate here. How are you currently spending your time and is it good use of your time? Is there anything you can give up to make the time? You may find it useful to record how you spend your time during the day to identify the answers to these questions.

In terms of resources what do you really need? Investigate different ways of doing things. Are there alternative resources accessible to you? Is there a less costly way of doing something?

So…Moving Forward

What do you want to achieve? Set your goals, break them down and take baby steps if that’s what you need to achieve them. The key is to just keep moving forward, no matter how small the step.

My advice? Find something you love and go for it.

The Message From The Elephant

Be peaceful, stay centred and keep moving forward – one step at a time. You have the

inner strength to be yourself. Find your community. Life isn’t about hurry, life is about

 experience. Feel the joy, feel the love and show compassion for yourself and others.

Every step forward is progress, no matter how small and each step will dissolve a barrier that is blocking you from achieving your potential – a barrier that is usually put up by your own limiting belief.

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