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Welcome to my shop 


I'm so excited to share my work with you! My intention is that it will help you and your children gain the peace and happiness and emotional well-being you deserve. 

Remember to keep checking back, as I will be adding more items in the future.  

Family Habits For Happiness

Family Habits for Happiness is a mini course which gives you tools and strategies to help you manage those big emotions in yourself and your kids. 

Not only will it help you as parents to help your kids, but it will inspire you as an adult to start to make positive changes in your own life and wellbeing too. 

Price £29.99

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This meditation is made up of three parts: A deep muscle relaxation, a breathing exercise and a guided meditation, where your children will meet a butterfly, which will help them to access and address their inner fears about change.  

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LLAMA Meditation

Llama Meditation is my meditation school, which consists of courses designed for children aged 6-11 to complete with their parents or teachers.

Through a series of fun movement activities, enchanting guided meditations, meaningful discussions and shared experiences children will build confidence and self-esteem, learn how to manage strong emotions and improve their relationships with others.

Prices range from £79 - £240 inc. VAT

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How To Give Your Kids A Happy Head Start Ebook

This guide looks at four main areas of

well-being: self-esteem, mindset, relationships and problem-solving and gives you practical tips on how to support your children to develop these skills to give them the ultimate start for a happy and successful life.



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