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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free pain-relief alternative, which can also encourage accelerated healing for injuries and ailments. By aiding the regeneration and energy output of the body’s cells, PEMF therapy can also help to improve your body’s overall performance, sleep and mental focus.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

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How does PEMF Therapy work?

Cells are the building blocks of our body. They carry out their functions using electrical impulses and chemical bonds. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. When the energy is disrupted our cells are impaired. This disruption is often caused by inflammation, a bad diet, an injury, even a small bruise, or getting older.


When your cells aren’t healthy, neither is your body.  Magnetic fields affect the charge of the cell, which allow the cell membranes to open up channels for better nutrient absorption and better waste removal. This rebalances and restores cell function, which helps them to work more efficiently with other cells.


Cells of the same type come together to make tissues, which in turn come together to make organs. By improving your cellular function you will in turn restore or maintain organ function, which in turn will allow the whole body to function better.

PEMF Therapy improves the health of your cells and thus promotes better health by increasing cell membrane permeability, helping inflammation dissipate, and increasing circulation.

What can PEMF help with?

PEMF promotes improved cell function, which promotes better performance for the entire body.

Cinical studies have shown that PEMF can:

-Decrease inflammation

- Increase Circulation

- Enhance Muscle Function

- Speed up bone healing

- Reduce the effects of stress

- Improve blood oxygenation, and much more…


Here are just a few of the areas, in which PEMF Therapy can help:

- Sleep Disorders

- Stress, Anxiety and Depression

- Eye Disorders

- Hearing Disorders

- Back pain

- Chrohn’s

- Sciatica

- Tennis Elbow

- Muscular Skeletal Disorders

- Migraines

- Fibromyalgia

- Arthritis


And much more…..


Who can use PEMF?

PEMF is safe to use on most people and animals. The exceptions are:

  • If you are pregnant

  • If you have a Pacemaker

  • If you have an insulin pump or cochlear Implant

  • If you have had a transplant and are on immunosuppressants to prevent organ rejection.

  • Seek medical advice if on any other immunosuppressants.


Why choose PEMF Therapy?

PEMF is drug-free and non-invasive. It can compliment other treatments and along with a healthy diet and regular exercise it can help to speed up the healing process.

It’s a great way to promote your general wellness too by recharging your cells, improving nutrient absorption, eliminating waste and optimising organ function, blood circulation and oxygen distribution around your body.

What happens during a session?

During a session, depending on the area or areas that are being treated, you may be asked to lie, fully clothed on a full-body therapy mat, or else an applicator will be placed over the area which you wish to treat. The PEMFs will penetrate through your body, targeting your cells, muscle tissue and bones.

The majority of people won’t feel anything when using the therapy, but some may experience warmth in certain area, or mild adverse reactions, especially when starting the treatment. Most of these are mild and temporary and small adjustments in the treatment will resolve the issue. These are more common in people who have electrical sensitivity and hypersensitivity.

It is important to drink plenty of water before and after treatment to help your body rid itself of any waste toxins that have been released during the treatment.


Are there any side effects?

Side effects only happen in a small percentage of cases. Some patients may experience dizziness, low energy, palpitation, nausea and vomiting. Side effects can include a decrease in blood pressure, or local skin can become itchy, burning and painful.

Sometimes a worsening of symptoms might occur for a short time. This is referred to as a ‘Healing Crisis’ of ‘Herksheimer Reaction’ and is well known in medical circles. A Herksheimer Reaction is a sign that healing is taking place.

Magnetic therapies increase the absorption of medication and nutrients. However, dosages should not be decreased unless recommended by your prescribing doctor.


Where can I find research on PEMF?

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