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Be Resilient And Resourceful With The Grey Squirrel

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The grey squirrel is a survivor. It has adapted and overcome lots of challenges to become one of the most common creatures in the UK.

Grey Squirrels are highly resilient and very creative in their ability to find and access food. They can be very entertaining to watch, as they put their agility to use to acquire the food that they set their mind on, climbing, jumping and even balancing on washing lines to get to a source of food.

Squirrels also encourage you to broaden your horizons. They are able to use the trees to travel further afield and see things further out from their heightened viewpoint. This expands their reach and reduces the limitations on food and resources.

Squirrels also know how to have fun. They are able to enjoy life in the trees, jumping afar from one tree to another, finding creative ways to solve problems and dropping nuts or jumping past unsuspecting passers by to make them jump.

Using resources creatively

Through being creative, squirrels use the resources that are around them to their advantage. They are not restricted to the resources they expect to have or that are given to them. Squirrels travel further and faster through trees, gathering amazing views on the way. Failing isn’t an option for the grey squirrel. Have you ever seen the videos of squirrels performing great feats of acrobatics to get food from a bird table? They use whatever means they can to achieve their goal.

The lesson you can take from this is to not allow yourself to be hindered by a perceived lack of resources. Resources are everywhere. Be creative and realistic. Consider what are the basics that you need and build from there.

If you need access to information, but don’t have the internet or money to buy them – use the library. If you are setting up a business and need to do some online live-streams to get you out there, use what you have and build from that. You may only have the camera on your phone to start with. That’s fine! You may feel that you need a tutor, or want to learn something new, but can’t afford to do a course – access the free stuff until you are in a position to go deeper and pay for a tutor. There is a lot of content out there that is currently free.

Whilst this is great for you to remember as adults, it’s also a great lesson to teach children, so they are not always reliant upon whatever is given to them – whether this is to entertain them or support them in achieving a goal. By encouraging your children to be creative – to make those junk model spaceships, to imagine they are riding that pony, to find information out for themselves – you will be helping them to grow into resilient young adults, who are able to find their own solutions to any problems they encounter.

Broaden your Horizons

Squirrels are able to travel further afield and see things further out from their heightened view from the tree. This expands their reach and reduces the limitations on food and resources. Squirrels are actually brave enough to venture close to people to get to their food sources – taking brave steps into the unknown towards their goals.

The lesson we can learn from this is don’t limit yourself. Are you considering all the options available to you, or are you limiting yourself? This could be in relation to anything – ideas, work, places to live or even relationships with others. Maybe you need to expand your network and meet more people, who could help you pursue your goals in a particular area; maybe you need to travel more to find that dream home location; and maybe you need to expand your interests in order to get new inspiration.

The squirrel does bring a warning about discernment with this too. Whilst they will take some risks, they are discerning and ready to step back and rethink if need be. Sometimes you do need to dip a toe in the water to find out is something is right for you or not.

You can prepare your children to broaden their perception and think bigger as they get older, by encouraging them to try new things and build in a wide range of experiences for them to try and learn from.

Fun and Agility

The squirrel is a great example of agility in motion. Watching them run and jump through the trees with such ease and grace is an amazing thing. As is watching them balance on a washing line to get to a bird feeder.

You may also catch them sitting on a branch watching you as they drop the odd acorn in your direction or scare the bejeebas out of you by jumping across a tree next to you. This adds an element of fun and mischief to the mix. Whether this is intentional or not, it does serve as a reminder to not always take life too seriously. Often a bit of fun is what is needed (see also Time For Fun: Lessons From The Dolphin).

Additionally, this can also serve as a reminder that in order to move freely and be physically fit, exercise is really important. Movement causes oxygen to circulate through the bloodstream, which helps you to think more clearly. Exercise causes hormones to be released that help you to feel happier. Being out in nature can help you to also feel calmer. Seeing the squirrel in motion though is a great reminder that exercise can also be fun.

Having fun with your children and learning together is a great way to build a closer bond with them.

Message from the Squirrel

Resilience can be seen in many forms, but ultimately it is about how you view life, how you overcome its hurdles and your attitude towards it. Not every person is your friend, but not everyone is your enemy either. What counts is the way you respond to each experience and how you rise to each challenge. This can be the key to your success.


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